Friday, November 08, 2013

Golden Grapes


Life has a way of disrupting plans. I've been dealing with some life issues this week - nothing serious, but needing attention. Now back to painting. I hadn't painted grapes in a while - fun!


Teri said...

Fun and yummy, Carol! Thanks for your grapes!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

joli travail!
Nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and visit to my blog.
Have a nice day! Cath.

Carol Hopper said...

This is lovely Carol. I admire those of you take simple items, use very rich colors and come up with terrific easy-for-you-to-sell painting. I continue to thank you and David for what you have offered us with DPW. Hugs!

Red Streak said...

Really amazing painting you got there, surprised this blog isn't more well known haha, do you make a living selling your art?