Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Workshop Announcement

May 5-9, 2014 - Advanced Workshop (you have to have taken one of my workshops already) - Dickenson, TX - email Sue or call 713.851.5316 or 281.337.4147 to register.
FULL w/ wait list

This is a special place. I've taught there once before and the atmosphere was like a grown-up art camp with the most fabulous food. We were all best friends by the end. If you can make this one, I highly recommend it! It's going to fill up fast.


Susan Roden said...

So surprised to see you going to Dickenson Carol - I used to live here and it's a very, very small quaint town! Unfortunately I don't live here any longer, but all participants are very fortunate to have this opportunity.

Love your art!

Esther Boyd said...

Full? You just posted it yesterday. Put me on a wait list.


Carol Marine said...

Hi Susan! It's not so much the town as the workshop place and the lady who runs it that makes Dickenson so special!

Carol Marine said...

Eye is Hungry, in order to get yourself on the wait list you need to call or email Sue - all that info is in the blog post. Thanks! : )

Wallartidea said...