Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shady Green


Right before I left Eugene (for Texas, where I am now) I spent an afternoon wandering around my town looking for some simple scenes to paint. This was the very first thing I found - this cool, old green car sitting half in the shade. I love dapples, especially on green.

So far in Texas I have seen my oldest stepdaughter successfully married off, gotten thoroughly sunburned at Schlitterbahn (our favorite waterpark), visited family, and almost but not quite melted in the heat. Pretty much what I expected.


silentwitness said...

This painting sizzles with awesomeness! Sorry I have not commented lately--life out of control. But this car has so much personality I had to salute it!

Margaret S Milligan said...

Love this! Shame about the sunburn!

Bruce Bingham said...

I love everything about this painting!

Brenda Ferguson said...

Dude! I so loooove your vehicle paintings! Such style! Great color on this it sits chillin' in the shade.

Virginia Floyd said...

Welcome to August in Texas!

I love the cool blue of the shadow against the warm yellow-green of the car.

Barbara Pask said...

Wonderful green and great shadows.