Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tourists in the Alley


I dug through my files for this one. The reference is from Freiburg, Germany, and I swear they were posing just for me. That or they were staring at me because they were very unsure what I was doing taking pictures of random people in an alley. Whichever. It works for me.


Bruce Bingham said...

I love what you're doing with these urban scenes. They are beautifully composed and still so direct and simple. Love!

Henning Lang said...

hello carol,

im following your work for some time now, and its time to express my appreciation. stunning that you made your career being completely selfmarketed!
which might be no wonder as your paintings are great! a loose and expressive technique and a great feeling for light!great!

with kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I'm a big fan!
I am struggling with the balance in this picture. Love the colors and subject matter but my sense of balance wants to move the couple on the other side with the right side and it's path as a lead-out of the picture. I feel this creates a triangular effect with the weight on the right side.
Monica C.