Monday, July 01, 2013

Man With Plants


The photo for this one came from our local Saturday market, and while I loved the guy with his plants, the background was impossibly complicated. I decided to really sketch it in with some darks, but when I was done it looked a little too simple. I added a few colors to break it up. Did it work?


Niharika said...

You could have added colors like yellow or even pink...which would contrast better..I suppose.
These are all experiments so I guess it is okay..maybe in the next one!
Keep it up :)

Rachel Alyse Thomas said...

I did work! The background is very balanced and interesting. I love it!
What's funny about this painting is that this guy looks just like my painting professor, Harry Ally! That's crazy.

Love your work and I loved listening to your interview on Artists Helping Artists!

Rachel Alyse Thomas said...

Here's a link to his Facebook page just to see the comparison.

sunil said...

Your paintings are so realistic and very professional.. it is inspirational for me..