Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curious Spoon


These are some more of those early plums from yest...I mean, these are whatever you want them to be...yeah, cherries? That will be fine.

Just wanted to tell you guys that although I've been slow with it, I am making progress on the t-shirt thing. I ordered my first batch from zazzle and they were quite a bit...less than I expected. So I'm on to my second company now, with high hopes.


Victor Errington said...

Hi Carol.
Brilliant still life painting, as all your still life paintings are, but please Carol, let us have some of your wonderful landscapes or seascapes
now and again. Thank you. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Carol, if you are putting your paintings on tees look for a local printer that can do DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. Process is ink jet printing on tees and captures 4 color process really well.

Flossie said...

I so love your style and feel so inspired by looking at your paintings.. you can see you make every stroke count! Such a hard thing for me to do.. but I will keep trying till I get there! Love your palette too, colours are so vibrant, and you capture the light and shade so brilliantly. Look forward to seeing your paintings each day.. am now off to buy some small boards/canvasses!! I have now purchased a couple of your Artbytes.. so helpful, thank you."