Monday, June 03, 2013

Yellow Dress (& Ali in the Garden, Sketch)


This morning I painted with some gals who've been painting together lately, under the tutelage of my friend, Sarah. Today they hired a model to pose outside, and graciously invited me to join them. The day started out overcast, so we sketched until the sun came out (the weather guys actually got it right for once!) and then painted furiously. Everyone else was working on larger pieces, but I came with the idea that I would do some small sketches (6x6) and see what happened. Below is the first one, which I spent an hour on, and above is the longer one (about 2 hours). I'm starting the bidding for the one below at $1 since it's a bit sketchy. Despite our poor model baking by the end and getting a weird sunburn on her knees, she was great! We had a fun day and I hope these painting gals will invite me again.



Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Love, Love, Love!! I'm glad you had fun today. Many more fun times to be had this summer!

Sonja Oldenburg said...

I love the bright fuchsia color that cuts right through the painting. It draws me to the figure. The bright yellow also contrasts beautifully.

Amy said...

There was no like button, so I thought I'd leave a LOVE comment. These are great!!