Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Purples


I spotted this couple in San Francisco when I was there last. They were loaded down with bags, probably coming from the farmers market. I adore their purple shirts in slightly different shades, so I call them Mr. & Mrs. Purple.

Below are some photos from my recent Maine workshop/vacation (see more photos on Facebook). Maine is a special place, and I had a special group of kids. I won't say special in what way ... we'll just leave it at special. : ) But they did work hard, were reasonably behaved, and ended up doing some pretty kick-ass paintings, so I guess all-in-all this workshop was a success.

Here you can see how silly they are. PS. This was not the day we had basil gimlets delivered, believe it or not. And yes, that really happened. And yes, it was freakin' awesome!


Carol Jessen said...

Glad to know you love my home-away-from home, too! Maine is a special place. You should come back for the September light! Nice meeting you, Carol. Keep on blogging so I can follow your painting journey!

Carol Jessen---Boothbay

DSM said...

OOOH...the sound of salt waves. I see the requisite one-man-per-class!

Linda Popple said...

Love the Purples! And your group looks pretty rowdy to me!!

SamArtDog said...

Love the Purples. Also nuts for your last post, Tree Shadows.
Glad to hear you liked Maine. All the best people are down easters. ;o]

Sand Hill Art said...

The Purples is a wonderful painting. Movement, color, light, everything about it.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

love the purples, love the 'token' guy ;) too and I agree, Maine is special. Especially Portland :D :D