Thursday, May 30, 2013

Break a Leg


Believe it or not, we are going camping again this weekend, this time with 3 other families, into the mountains, near hot springs. I know, what a sad, dreary life we lead! But I am coming back early because I have a hot date. : ) No, I am not cheating on my husband. My friend Sarah and I are attending the grand opening of a new gallery in town, Gallery at the Watershed. Her work is hanging there, along with a couple of our Portland friends. It will be a grand party, so if you're around, please drop by! Sat @ 6pm.


Unknown said...

Mínimas pinceladas, máximo efecto.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Love how MUCH you got into this little painting. The apples enliven the lilies (probably some theological point to be made there... but I'll skip it!). Beautiful work.

Sonja Oldenburg said...

The bright red apple creates such a strong focal point in the composition, lovely work.