Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New Vase


I am back from my workshop in San Francisco and ready to report! First of all, the space was a dream! It was held at the Friend's School in the Mission District, and we had plenty of room and (ahem) skylights, which were awesome. Honestly I forgot to take pictures until the last day, and I missed a few who left early, so our room looks less than full here:

We scampered around San Francisco for 2 half days, and painted the rest of the time. My kids were a great bunch, though a couple of them did pressure me to drink a little too much wine on more than one occasion. Peer pressure, I tell you, it's strong. Here are most of them:

I stayed in town through the weekend, visiting/hiking/eating/pedicuring with my good friend Randi, and then headed back to the school on Monday to give a presentation to the 8th graders about our workshop and all the cool things my kids painted. Even though I am terrified of 8th graders (I am embarrassed to admit) I somehow made it out alive and home on Tuesday. Since then I've been recuperating, catching up on email, hanging with the family, etc. 


Sowmya Gade said...

The composition is just brilliant!
I would love to attend one of your still life workshops too, hopefully sometime soon :)

Barbara Pask said...

Your workshop sounds great, love the space. I LOVE this painting, what it a demo? No better subject than tulips in a glass vase.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

LOVE this tulip painting. The value shifts are perfect. The workshop space looks great! Looking forward to seeing you soon. - Sarah

Sowmya Gade said...

Maybe 3 day advanced workshop (weekend if I may add ;)) for glass, flowers, metal, whites and brilliant compositions would be amazing!!
oh of course, art bytes if possible :D