Sunday, March 17, 2013



On Monday we are going out of town to visit my husband's birth-mother in Germany for 2 weeks. This was a tough decision, but I'm going to leave all my paints here and bring only a brand new watercolor set, some pens and my sketchbook. My hope is this will force me out of my comfort zone. Ahh! I might post some things on my Facebook page, but probably nothing here until after April 4 (unless I end up painting tomorrow). I also won't be able to ship any paintings until after April 4.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Good for you!
Can't wait to see the work, which I'm sure will be great.
Have a great trip! xoxo

Darlene Young said...

Carol you've made such a mark on my art with all your generous advice over the years. I wondered how you managed to keep going without burnout. I hope you can manage to keep a travel journal.

I never go anywhere without a sketchbook and homemade small water-colour set. (I got a travel set and replaced the colours with artist-gade ones). This is my favourite sketchbook. It's made in the States, is small and lightweight, has lots of pages that take washes and withstand erasure):

Dan Kent said...

I just love this tulip series! I like this composition, the whites - masterfully painted - and the red tulips! Enjoy watercolors..they start as a convenience, but then have a way of roping one in until it's love and that's all.

karen s stitt said...

Here's hoping you have a great time! You'll probably take hundreds of great shots to paint from.

Natascha Gafcke said...

Hi Carol,
I am reading your blog from the beginning already one week. I just found your demo on youtube, it was so interresting that I went on your dailypaintings blog. I like your painting very much and comments are very usefull. You have made a real progress in your style.
I looked also blogs another painters from you site and was inspired about this idea to paint every day and publish it in internet. But I have to learn more about it.
I am living in Germany and try to find german dailypainters community in internet, but without success. You make this business so long so i would like to ask you: is this dailypaintings blogs so popular only in US? Do you have followers in another contry? Thank you for your answer in advance. Natascha Gafcke

Vandy said...

Wonderful vibrant red! So cheerful and bold. Lovely painting.

Unknown said...

This piece is beautiful and I love the technique of your work. It's very inspirational

Anonymous said...

Love your paintings, my wife now does abstract and wonders about 3D effects. Please take a look at her paintings if you have time to spare and let us know what you think?