Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Called to Order


And this one is 6x6 feet! Just kidding. : ) We're back to small. Someday I would love to find some giant brushes and paint a humongous panel, but that will have to wait until I have more presence of mind. And some good brushes. And I suppose I'll have reinforce the back of the panel... So much to think about.


Julie Mai said...

I have been thinking a lot about scale. When one goes bigger, do you just use larger brushes? I am finding these small paintings more work than a really large one, and "work" always shows. This is lovely. Bright fresh and clean, executed with purpose and confidence.

Frank said...

whatever Carol.. It isn't about humongous panels. It isn't about giant brushes. There isn't much to think about. It comes down to what you want for yourself. You are a fine artist. Don't have to take the 6" path. You should work bigger. 12x12 should be only an occasional thing for you.

I have wondered about your troubles with landscape. You might not have a problem with landscape. You try and paint a wonderful subject way too small. Why? You might sell more paintings that way but it isn't good in the long run. It is short term thinking. You could be great with the right motivation.

James M. Coulter said...

For larger Panels, just have David glue some nice canvas to your liking onto 1/4" Birch.with Miracle Muck (Just use a regular paint roller).(Find a nice flat piece and turn it over and puts weights on it for a day or so after you glue it.) I been doing my 4x5 foot paintings like this for 20 years.