Monday, November 26, 2012

Helicopter Flower


Doesn't that flower look like it could take off any minute? The oranges are high on anticipation, not to mention the fork. The orange slices though are completely oblivious -- lost in their own little world. They're probably up to something ... I wouldn't put it past them.


Sue Marrazzo said...

The Oranges used in this painting are wonderful.

jyothisethu said...

you draw my heart towards the art with simplicity and boldness of your style....!


jackie jackson said...

Carol, love this composition! I am sooo going to be outbid on this one

Barbara Pask said...

You are so funny, I love how your mind works. lol I love this set up and how the line of orange draws your eye through the painting.

Art Maine said...

Hey Carol,

Just bought your new book;
it's your best yet, fabulous.

If I could only use one word
to describe every spread it
would be: balanced.
Everything works,
the color,
the composition,
and the interplay.

Looking forward to
the print copy but meanwhile
the digital copy looks great
on my 9" Nook HD+.

Been too long time since the great
Texas class and our Maine plein air.

You keep getting better and better.
Keep on keeping on.

Art Maine
(but you know more than my online
art commentary pseudonym)

usman choudhary said...

hi carol marine nice painting.using orange in painting is awesome. i love this.......