Thursday, October 25, 2012



So, the good news is that we had tons of responses to our survey about the convention - thank you all so much! But it sounds like there are some major concerns about the cost of travel, especially from the east coast, in addition to the cost of hotels and possibly some scheduling conflicts. So we are going to table our concept for the time being, and return to the drawing board. We are thinking maybe spring 2014 is a better time, and a more central location as well. More about that later ...


the distracted painter said...

You cannot please all of the people, all of the time. If you hold a workshop in Eugene or Timbuktoo, I will still plan and save money and make it may be 2014, but I will make it! An inaugural venue in Eugene would allow you to work out the kinks and fine tune the conference with a smaller audience, but no less enthusiastic. I would urge you not to shelve the idea just because of venue. Perhaps you could offer virtual for those , like me, on opposite sides of the world, county or wherever.
Starting small allows you flexibility to get big in the way that suits you and the way you can control .
Seize the day. Nice rose, btw.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Listen to Jennie!!! I totally missed the survey - must be stuck in a rabbit hole of painting! Hey, this is an important 'convention' of Daily Painters. Yes, maybe the first one will take more than one year to plan... but start saving NOW (I'm talking to artists, not you, Carol :). You wouldn't say to the Plein Air Convention that you'd like to go but you don't want to travel! People TRAVEL for their business, and their passion. Start your fund this week. Put something in every week, no matter how small. Dedicate a portion of every sale, whatever! People are always asking me, emailing me, etc. about Daily Painting - it seems that this concept was assimilated in the online art community first, then awareness spread to the whole art community, and now more 'lay people' are hearing about it and are curious. Let's get on Oprah and tell the world about it!
And Carol, I remember when you first shared your journey of 'tackling' roses. Look at you now, girl... QUEEN of the Roses!