Tuesday, October 16, 2012

After Dinner, After Drinks


In my workshops I've encountered a lot of students who have trouble with drawing. The first thing I recommend is reading Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain, and then (this may be even more important) I suggest buying a sketchbook and drawing every chance they get. When I was in college I carried one at all times, and drew whenever I had even just a few minutes of free time. Often, when there was nothing else, I drew my hand (always my left for some strange reason). The hand is great because you can hold it at all kinds of funky, challenging angles, and yet it must still be recognizable. I guarantee those hand drawings of mine helped me with this fork!


the distracted painter said...

oooooooh! lovely painting, coupled with sage advice and funny asides. Keep calm and paint more!

Beth Bathe said...

Love to see your forks and oranges and blue glass so this is truly a wonderful example of a "Carol Marine"!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Love the perspective, colors and contrast. Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I and my sister are painter
and we like it
i want to be commune with you about painting
Your paintings are so beautiful and creative
could we exchange comments with you about painting?
I am grateful.

Rita Kirkman Daily Paintings and Art Journal said...

Carol, you are so GOOD! I've been too busy lately to look at any of the blogs I'm following, but tonight I decided to open yours and I LOVE this! Even more than the green apples and fork that I own. I KNOW you fussed over those orange slices, and it was SO worth it! This composition is SUBLIME!
Thank you!

Silvia Reis said...