Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Stash

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I couldn't help myself - I had to do two paintings of the water balloons. Someone asked who won the fight and well, when you're battling a 7-yr-old, whose every other lobbed balloon pops in mid-air, the odds are easier. But, I will say, he's a good dodger, and I only got him wet once, and it was only by tricking him into coming closer. Heh heh.


mary maxam said...

Oh you fun, fun woman you! This is just such a unique and perfect expression using your excellent color sense- love it!

Virginia Floyd said...

This is h-a-r-d! Translucent ballons in a clear glass bowl! I just love the pale peachy colored one, and the way you captured that little place where it is squashed up against the bowl.

An congratulations on tricking him! Made me smile.

Barbara Pask said...

These balloon paintings are just wonderful. The colors are great and they read translucent like balloons. Very nice!

SamArtDog said...

Ha! I love the impossibility of this image. A bowl of water balloons?!? Just imagine walking into a museum and find it hanging there, without explanation.

Art Maine said...

The Challenge

Did the painter realize her task,
the challenge to paint clear water
inside bubbles of rubber, all
inside clear glass, so many many
surfaces, and yet so clear? Yes.
She did it with a brush with splash.

Heather Nibert said...

Wow, fantastic set-up, I especially like how you let your brush work drag that little bit of orange into the background, it's gorgeous!