Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Legged Jack

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While I was in the NE last week, Daily Paintworks was busy releasing some really fabulous new ArtBytes by our artists. A couple are free, and ALL of them are really good. Check them out in the DPW ArtByte store.


Karen Boe said...

Yay! Was wondering when the little sailor man would come back to port. :) Love your addition of the empty bottle in these - the sailor is waiting for his ship to return to its place inside it. Great painting.
ps- I love Artbytes! Every one is an invaluable bargain - can't wait to see what's new...

Barbara Pask said...

Ayyy Matie, lol. He's perfect, great composition. I have purchased quite a few of the ArtBytes and love them. Ever consider doing an online workshop?