Sunday, May 27, 2012

Letting Go

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I found this cute vase on a recent trip to Portland. I still can't believe I live 2 hours from Portland, OR. Not that I'd rather live there, but it is pretty cool to visit.


martinealison said...

Ce petit vase se marie à la perfection avec cette fleur de tournesol... Une adorable peinture toujours pleine de lumière, ce qui fait votre force.
Gros bisous

carol morgan carmichael said...

This color combination is great. I love your closed up sunflowers too. Think it is cool when the petals extend forward instead of out. Great orange shadow on the flower.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Do you sometimes (or ever) explain the colors you use? I like to draw from your pics and I know the color doesn't need to be exact, but I'm still learning and any help with that would be a great advantage to me.


Maryann Lucas said...

The colors, here, are so beautiful. A real eye catcher!

Carol Marine said...

Hi and thanks you guys!

Carrie, Have you checked out my ArtBytes (online art tutorials)? There is one in particular called "Saturation and Color Mixing" that might be helpful. You will find them here: