Friday, May 25, 2012


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I love this one! There, I've said it. And I think it mostly has to do with this cool patterned fabric I just got from Spoonflower. To start with I ordered some existing patterns, but my next step is to design my own, which I think is just a brilliant idea on somebody's part.

The workshop I mentioned yesterday is now full but I wanted to mention that the wait lists are very often consulted! Don't hesitate to get on them. In my last class about 3/4 were on the wait list and got in anyway.


Anonymous said...

As a fabric designer w/ degree from F.I.T. I can tell you that creating your own textiles in your paintings is the way to go. I love your work and am SOOOO inspired. Thanks for hipsters" you made my day"
all the best~ caron

Donna Weathers said...

Love this Carol! Readers, it is true about the waitlistbecause I was 17th on it for the Sedona workshop! Get on the list!

martinealison said...

Même vos tournesols vivent aux rythmes des charmantes courbes des motifs de ce textile...Très jolie peinture.Gros bisous

Leslie Saeta said...

I have two fabrics I have from Spoonflower. One with my logo all over it and another with my paintings all over it!

Millie González said...

This painting is so great! I love how you always have such nice contrast in colors and temperatures, it makes your paintings so interesting. Your work is absolutely inspiring!

Denise Mulligan said...

Hipsters are very cool indeed. Fabric patterns create an interesting and unique element different from the usual tapestries in still life's.
I'm snapping my fingers for this one!

Heather B. said...

Very fun!

Spoonflower is great! Do you plan on making anything out of the fabric?

I am a firm believer in the "wait list".