Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sake Crowd

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Here is the last saved painting I talked about in my previous post, painted weeks ago. I had found this really cool "milky" sake at our Market of Choice store. I am not a sake fan, but it sure was pretty.

Meanwhile, during my break, I am busy doing other things. I just posted some pictures on my New Beginnings blog. One thing I am learning is that going forward I need to weave these other things (and breaks in general) into my regular routine. I am enjoying the heck out of this stuff, but also slowly getting bored and realizing that painting was the one thing that held my fascination long-term. It will again.

Thank you all SO much for your support - over the last 5 1/2 years but also now, as I take this much needed break!!!


Sandra Galda said...

Breaks are good! Best wishes!

DesB said...

Hi Carol
I've never commented on your blog before but I regularly check for updates.
Whilst I understand your feeling 'burnt out I just want to say that your blog has been an inspiration in my attempts to paint and be creative again after too long a break.
I'm sure there are many others who'll miss your input.
Thank you and all the best for whatever you're doing in the future.


Michelle Arnold Paine said...

Love the subtlety of this painting. Good for you for taking a break!

Maryann Lucas said...

This is the saying that helped me learn to take care of me:
"Whenever you do a loving act for yourself, it is ultimately a loving act for everyone else around you, even if they don't see it that way at the time."

Ironically, I needed it to give myself permission to paint daily! Enjoy your relaxation and expansion. Thanks for everything.

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

Carol I am so happy you are following your heart. Breaks are good for the soul and rejuvenating. You sure do deserve a break --you have worked so hard and with great generosity. Have fun with new discoveries Carol and take time to kick up your feet! Your awesome work will be missed. Enjoy!!

Gloria said...

Hi Carol,
I am happy for you that you are re-birthing yourself! It is so important to really love what you are doing. I know for you, having been making good income for your paintings the last few years, this might be a scary prospect. But you are right to do it. All your new projects are so much fun! I used to work in a fabric store and used all my income on fabrics and fun buttons, etc! You go girl!

Kim Rempel said...

Well this piece is just beautiful. Serene. Enjoy your break ; )

Mitzi Easley said...

Breaks are Fun!
I pinned a favorite quilting artist to my Pinterest board for you... Susan Carlson... she is a cra-zee painter-in-fabric! Enjoy!!

Vicki Macy said...

You've ended with a beautiful piece of work here. Love the color and softness. i hope your break is short - for your followers sake. I bet you'll be back with a whole new outlook and the brushes will fly again.
Thanks for all you have done.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love this piece. Wonderful softness to the painting.
Enjoy your break. Not sure how some of you guys keep up with everything and stay sane. I am not sure you are after reading about running barefoot. hmmmm.
Best to you!

JanettMarie said...

Hope you're still running.... wish I would.

Richard Jones said...

Hi Carol,

Your work has has inspired me to painting daily. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope your break will be beneficial to you. Best wishes to you.