Friday, April 20, 2012

Loose Bottles

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I woke up the other morning with a vision. I had an exact vision of at least part of a painting ... so I ran to my studio and painted this. It wasn't exactly what I saw, but it made me realize something. I like painting loosely and my still lifes before had gotten a bit ... stiff. To be honest, I gave myself permission to paint anything BUT still lifes for a while, but it seems I can't stay away. My plan is to continue to do a mix of things so I remain sane for a good long while.


Karl said...

I was shocked when I saw this on the DPW site so ran over here to your blog to see what was going on as you said that you were moving on from these. Having read your thought process I can totally understand why but was also wondering if it wasn't just a panic knee jerk reaction. You know like getting back to your comfort blanket.. especially as this was inspired by a dream, that shows that subconciously you must have been worrying about it. Your life has recently what with the house fire and moving home has seen a massive upheaval and this (the sudden change of direction) is probably just the kickback from that. You will find your own path as life settles down, and like you said you should only paint what makes you happy. Once you stop enjoying it then it becomes a chore and will show through in your work. I personally love your still lifes having only discovered you last year I still have a lot of your work to look through and study, but like you have said you became a little bored with it all. Follow your heart, paint what makes you happy , stop worrying about what we (fans, followers)think and you will be okay.
Best wishes, Karl

ps I have only written all this for you and not really as a comment, I see you have comment moderation on, so dont publish it if it offends but it would be nice for me to see that you received it and let me know if it helped. Oh what am I saying , a quick hi would be great but I'm no life guru, I may be talking absolute gibberish, LOL, whatever , bye and good luck.

Jacki Newell said...

Carole, I'm so glad that you are finding ways to stay fresh and sane!!!! Your work is such a delight to my eyes and an inspiration.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

i know that kind of feelings... Just have the guts and believe... (nothing is impossible)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You are a natural with still life and you are exactly where you're supposed to be.

Dan Kent said...

It is not the subject but the spirit and soul and skill of the painter. We are here no matter what you paint and I, for one, am glad both of the excursions and when you "come home". Beautiful bottles. I have truly enjoyed the houses too. Thanks also for the links to all the great artists.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

The VW buses and these bottles are two of my faves. I applaud you for keeping your art fresh and fun for YOU. I am enjoying following you so much, and I still want to attend one of your workshops. As soon as I read about a new one, I immediately try to sign-up, and I am never successful *sadface*.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to us!
I like your close family of five[!] bottles.

Karen Werner said...

"Variety is the spice of life" they say. Have fun!

martinealison said...

Des flacons qui chantent et dansent bien ensemble... Une superbe composition et un beau mariage de couleurs.

Je me souviens de la plupart de tous mes rêves avec une telle précision que je pourrais aussi dessiner avec exactitude des pages de certains d'entre eux... ce que vous venez de faire est superbe. En ce qui me concerne je n'ose pas retranscrire ce que je vois dans mes rêves.

Gros bisous à vous et merci de nous entraîner dans vos rêves.

helene said...


BDL Palash said...

With the exception of the Whistler one at the end (that photo is very touching),
I'm more a fan of the originals and don't think they need to be reinterpreted.

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