Sunday, March 04, 2012

Competing with Cheddar

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After we released ArtBytes on Wednesday I took a couple of days to do something completely different. Still creative, but a different avenue. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to doing more in the future. Click here to see pictures.


Gloria j Zucaro said...

OH NO! You are getting a little cheesy! Haha, I love it! everything looks so solid, very wonderful.

Jerry Stocks said...

Love the stacks of cheese and cups. Your still life setups are so amazing and creative. said...

Hi Carol,

Your work is amazing. Thank you for the Dailypaintworks. It's great fun and a wonderful learning experience.

All the best to you,

Unknown said...

Have you switched up your palette or something recently? It seems like your pieces the last few weeks have had more of a sense of drama than your older stuff. It's really interesting to see. I'm really loving the reflected orange of the cheese as it moves in to the blue shadows on the cups.

(also: hello! I've been following your blog since late last summer when Ann Feldman showed me your book. Fantastic stuff :) )