Monday, February 20, 2012

Guided Tour

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WORKSHOP - I just posted a new workshop to my list for 2013. It will be in Feb, 2013, in Southern California. If you're interested sign up quick - they tend to fill fast. Here are the details. Email Debra to register, or call 949.723.6171.

I bet you didn't know it but at night our apples take guided tours of our cabinets. Yep.


Donna Weathers said...

Finally! California here she comes! I've left word with Debra and hope it hasn't filled up already! Fingers crossed!

Elissa said...

I love the title of this painting so much.

Linda Roth said...

It seems that all the good workshops are on the west coast. This Midwest gal hates missing out. Have a good one.

Virginia Floyd said...

What a darling description! I love this set up, Carol! Beautiful rich colors.

Did you see Erin Dertner's blog yet? She started it after your workshop in San Antonio. She has some lovely paintings, and I just LOVE her descriptions of them.