Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stacked Nearby

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You've probably noticed I've been into stacking apples lately. Here I've added a rose to complexify things.

After my post yesterday my friend James said the table he mentioned is suddenly out of stock, so he looked up 3 others and posted links at the bottom of his post.


Rita Kirkman Daily Paintings and Art Journal said...

great image!- daring composition with that plate in the lower corner, balanced by the stack of apples and tall rose. The rose and apples could have worked fine on their own, but adding the plate makes it MUCH more dynamic!
btw: LOVE your creative word usage: "Complexify" ... Can I borrow that? I love that word!!

Kathy Cousart said...

I have seen you paint a rose and just love when you shape them one stroke at time. Complexify indeed.
Will check out and comment on James also but here is a tip I can share. I bought a laptop table and it serves the same purpose- was about $20 at Office Depot. Can raise and lower. good alternative if James's is unavailable and cheaper:)

DSM said...

Woweee...let's talk about something non-tripod (though your post was heroic): what's in that great blue-gray background, please? It makes me think of Italian frescoes!

patti vincent said...

Thanks Carol and James for all the great info! You are both amazing painters as well. Happy New Year!