Friday, August 19, 2011

Rioting Apples

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I'm back to my old tricks again - my old comfort zone - apples and forks and plates and bowls. I am very happy here for the time being.
We had some recent cancellations for my upcoming Jacksonville, FL workshop and a spot opened up. The dates are October 17-21, 2011, and you would need to contact Eileen if you are interested. Thanks!


carol morgan carmichael said...

WE like your comfort zone. These colors the arrangement are great!

shahab said...

I love your works very much, amazing blog!

Virginia Floyd said...

Amazing apples! Love the amber reflection of that bottle, too!

Frank said...

Apples and forks and plates and bowls..

And, something else.

Bug repellant? Parfume? Massage oil? What is it??