Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Class Snack

I enjoy stacking apples. That's all I got today.


Daroo said...

This is so appealing.

I especially like the way you've handled the reflected light of the bowl on the background. What at first appear to be a hasty collection of offhand brushstrokes, are really carefully observed, pitch perfect paint strokes of accurately rendered, value, hue and chroma.
Nice edges too.

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

Hi Carol... trying to leave you a comment, hope it works. I love your bowls, cool idea. Been working hard on all the stuff you taught it class. My head's almost too full of everything we did ! ha ha I loved the experience.. thanks again !

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

I think I just had to click 'not to save my password' and that DID IT ! HA HA HA

Ann Osgood said...

This is my favorite of these golden apples yet. I love every bit of this painting. I really really love the shapes of the slices. Great paint on this one!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

And you do it so well ;)
Beauty !