Friday, March 04, 2011

Conjoined Twins - SOLD

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I'm all done with my latest workshop, and ready to report. Below are my demos from class (all sold). It's not the best image, but it's tough to get a good one amid the hustle and bustle of a workshop.

Below are my kids working - those slackers I was talking about in my last post. I know they look focused and dedicated, but 2 seconds after these photos I swear they were totally goofing off! : )

This has been a really awesome location for a workshop. The classes are held in a cool old barn, and every night we get together in the main house for wine and food and art and life talk. Despite their complaining, we had a ton of fun together!


Unknown said...

Despite your dislike in the quality of the photo of all your demos, that photo stood out to me. It's nice to see tham side by side. The color range and combinations look very nice together!

Mary Bullock said...

Hi Carol -
In the photo of your demo pieces, I notice that the top three all have a bowl of sorts in one corner, with part of the bowl off the canvas. It makes for a really good composition but is this just happenstance or do you do this on purpose? Is this part of what you teach in your classes?
Thank you!