Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aiming for Escape - SOLD

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I loved all the "pithy" comments ya'll, thanks! And thank you also, in general, for all the lovely comments and emails and support and community and general kindness. You guys are just the best (shuffling, staring at feet). It would be awful lonely without you. I mean it.
I'll be posting the new DPW challenge for this next week! I'll announce it here too, on Saturday.


Patti Mollica said...

carol, the feeling is mutual!

Unknown said...

That orange you achieved is such a beautiful vivd red-orange. Love it! Of course, if you didn't have the grays nailed, it wouldn't pop so much. Great job!

Fay Terry said...

Those neutral grays, so subtle, but they really make the oranges pop! I am trying to watch and learn!

DagEnDauw said...

Thanks for the motivation you gave to me today ;-)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

LOL you are funny.
I looked up pithy and it actually means:
"full of meaning or force, concise and to the point"
Sooooooo... that would make your paintings,even the non citrus ones, PITHY :D
They are slam bangin' to the point awesome!

n. rhodes harper said...

Rich juicy and I love saying pith.

Amber L. Bailey said...

I agree to the "slam bangin' to the point awesome" comment, lol! I really love this one Carol. The color kills me (in a good way of course).