Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Watering Can" - SOLD

I found this cute little watering can at the thrift store recently. It's only about 3 inches high.

Above is Mary, another student from my workshop in NY last weekend, painting on a too short contraption. Below is Chris dutifully painting an apple in burnt umber.

And below, a few of my kids enjoying wine in the parlor before a scrumptious dinner. Yes, I had wine too. It was mandatory. ; )
And finally, my kids and I on the last day. It was a great group, and a great location, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am still getting caught up on email since returning, so if you've written to me, please be patient. Thanks!!


Kim Rempel said...

I like your haircut!


love the watering can! For all of you out there that read these comments-sign up for one of Carol's workshops-even if it's full. Put your name on the waiting list and cross your fingers. You will learn so much and will walk away ready to challenge yourself with daily paintings. She'll work you hard and then reward you with lots of laughs. Do it.

Anonymous said...

Great watering can, Carol. ADORABLE haircut!

I was thinking of you yesterday when I drove by the barn we painted. It's so fun to 'follow you around' on your blog and see the paintings you produce.

Best regards.