Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Tea with M&M's" - SOLD

Right now I feel like I am always in Sedona. Not that I'm complaining - if you have to be somewhere this is a FABULOUS place to be! Yesterday was my first day of class - trying to whip a new set of kids into shape. So far they haven't complained much, which is good, but I haven't given them the really tough assignments yet. : ) I'll try to post some demo photos this time, meanwhile here's more M&M's I did last week.


Diane W said...

Hi Carol - No matter how hard you work them, they're very lucky students to be in an awesome setting with such an awesome teacher!!! If they get out of line, you can always bribe them with a big ol' chocolate cake, right? : )

Just sayin...


Dan Robinson said...

All of these M&M pieces really show well Carol. Are there more truck paintings coming?