Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Mouse Snack" - n/a

Here is another of Steve Worthington's mouse, Chubby. See his blog for other paintings of his mice.
I have posted some new workshops recently. Check them out here on my blog, to the right, or on the workshop page on my website.


Cynthia said...

love this...wonderful red plate with green olives...I really like this guys work too.

Mary Bullock said...

Love the vibration of the green grapes on the red plate! And I really love your landscape from yesterday - the red ground gives the whole painting a glow. Wonderful!

Carol Marine said...

I guess I should clarify that these little green things are peanut m&m's. : ) Looking at this again I can see why you thought they were olives/grapes.

Thanks, ya'll!!

Stephen Parker said...

Hi Carol,

So cool to see you taking a plein air workshop amongst all your own wonderful teaching, still-life painting and other activities. Beautiful work, as always.