Sunday, April 04, 2010

"Heart of Gold"

I have just signed up to take a workshop from Jennifer McChristian in a few weeks in Sedona. She is one of my favorite plein air painters and I am thrilled for the opportunity to learn from her!
I thought it was fitting to paint an egg today. Happy Easter, everyone!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Nice, one, Carol - very appropriate with the egg! Hope you and your family had a nice Easter. I am SO jealous that you're getting to take this workshop - she's one of my favorites, too! Enjoy!

Gwen Bell said...

This is one of my very favorites of all the paintings you've done. That wonderful turquoise glass lights up everything and I love the way it creates a green reflection under the egg yolk. I also love the yolk yellow under tone peeking through.

I'm so envious of your taking Jennifer's workshop. What a talent!
Hope you have some great "me" time!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Carol!

Happy Easter to you! Love 'Heart of Gold'! Simply delicious painting (as usual)
I am soooooo thrilled and honored you will be joining me in Sedona! Your friend James emailed me to share the good news!
You too are one of my favorites! :)


DSM said...

I may have not remembered J.M'.s name but I've enjoyed her blog images,too. That one of the cafe in Olivera Street!

Diane said...

Hi Carol!

Another gorgeous egg painting...beautiful! Enjoy your Sedona workshop with Jennifer. I loved learning from her and I loved your workshop, too! Have fun! : )

Diane W

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love the ping of colour in this one :)

Rohit Kulkarni said...

Nice painting as always...

I also like the excitement you have for the workshop... If you are so keen on learning, one can well imagine your eagerness of helping people learn when you conduct your workshops... :)