Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Chubby Reflected" & studio update

Recently artist Steve Worthington asked me if I would consider painting one of his beautiful bronze mice for a book he's putting out. His idea is to have 20 artists paint the mice, put them in a book, and then sell the books - with the proceeds going to animal shelters. I had a great time painting this cute little guy, which he calls Chubby. I'll let you know the details of the book when I have it, in case you'd like one.
Meanwhile, we've been working like mad-people on the studio. So much so, we need a break. So we're going camping for the next few days. I'll be back on Thursday with hopefully a few plein air peices to show, including one I did on the CA coast.


Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Carol!
That was an unbelievably speedy turnaroud, and a wonderful portrait of Chubby!

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Before reading the posting, I thought Chubby was made of chocolate! I like the shiny reflections very much!

Dina said...

so adorable!

Amanda Carder said...

I just love this , but I love every thing you do. I don't get here enough to tell you how much I enjoy your work, so I've given you the "Sunshine Award." If you want to accept it, instructions are on my blog. :)

Janice said...

hi Carol

Just looked at your studio and it was a bit of Deja Vue. I am celebrating the completion of my new studio with an open house this weekend. Like yours, mine is a separate building, north windows, 450 square feet. I feel so blessed -you will too. Pictures of mine at www.janicerobertsonsart.blogspot.com if you have time to look


Kay Christopher said...

Is great that you are sharing the progress on your studio. We get all the fun of seeing it manifest and don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. :-) Seriously, it is FUN to watch it go from a piece of land into your studio. Thanks for sharing!

Janice said...

looking at the photos of your studio was like deja vue, Carol. I am celebrating the completion of my new studio this weekend- lots of similarities in our buildings. I feel very blessed to have a space like this to work in- you will too! Photos of my studio are at www.janicerobertsonsart.blogspot.com if you have time to look

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Studio is looking great and I am so envious, you are going to have wonderful days in it when it's finished.
Love Chubby he's so cute and Steve's sculptures of mice and other creatures are fabulous!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

great painting and GREAT STUDIO!! So exciting!