Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Lazing Lemon" - SOLD

I love to paint things in the shadows of other things. Also, I've been working with this neutral background lately and really like how color just pops when it's surrounded by "gray".


Mukesh said...

Hello Carole, i m an Art instructor here in Haryana(India). I love to see ur work and learning to put the colors on the canvas such kind of style. peoples are not much interested about the Art in this rural place but i have visited in many Art galleris to learn more about the art in the major cities of India. Plz. visit on my web page to comment on my work to sharp it. I requests u to give me some time with valueable comments. My web page add. is
I have recentely painted my wife's portrait with oil. Plz. comment on it. Vil b very thankful for ur time and consideration. Thanx 4 sharing, keep in touch.

DSM said...

I like to look at your citrus slices. I notice the highlight on the tall cup as compared to the seed in shadow on the far-right slice.

What do you think of the perspective on the cup/ handle shadow? They're the hardest to describe you say...