Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Fallen Oak"

I got a few questions about the box I posted about yesterday, so I thought I'd answer them all here at once. First of all, to correct what I said, the brush holder does not come with the box - it is extra ($25). I will say that I've been using a PVC holder for years and a super side benefit is that it keeps brushes wet. I admit I sometimes go many days w/out washing my brushes - just putting them in the holder every night. hee hee
The fold out box part is separate from the panel "holder," but the holder is literally just a fancy stick that clips into the tripod. So it is super easy to stick in a pocket of your pack and/or strap it on. The model of the Kelty backpack I got is "Redwing". It is plenty big enough and has a pocket that will hold my laptop for travelling to workshops. It cost about $100.
By the way, these leaves (above) are from my front yard. It's been beautiful here with the falling leaves.


leo said...

If you'd paint a red ornament maybe for this time of year, those leaves would be jacks.

FCP said...

Thanks for all the persistence, excellence and inspiration you have provided for 2009! Happy New Year, Carol,

Elenka said...

I just want to say Happy New Year to you Carol. I have enjoyed your blog so much. You are a very talented painter and I loved actually seeing you on TV ! Best to your and your family.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I second all of the above. You ROCK!