Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Team Effort" - SOLD

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We are off tomorrow morning for 2 days in LA! I will let you all know when the airtime is for the show (Dr. Phil) as soon as I hear - it won't be right away.

I wanted to say something real quickly here about shadows. Shadows are one of those things our brains try to trick us about. We think of shadows as dark. But often they are fairly light. They are the darkest where the least amount of ambient light gets in, so usually right where objects touch (each other, or the surface they are on). It's one of those times that you've got to really focus on what's there, and paint what you see - not what you think you see (I need to turn this into a song).


Norma Wilson said...

LOVE your brushwork

Chris said...

thanks for the tip on shadows. I've signed up for a workshop with you this summer-happy that you are coming to the East coast. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Have fun with Dr. Phil. He's intense.

LSaeta said...

Thanks for the shadows tip. I love this painting ... but then again, I love all of your paintings. Enjoy LA ... it was only 92 degrees here today. Isn't it November? Can't believe you are going to be on the Dr. Phil show! Have fun!

Jo Castillo said...

Best of luck for your trip and TV appearance. Applause!!

These apples are gorgeous. One of my favorites.