Monday, November 16, 2009

"Apple Bowl" - SOLD

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I am quite happy with this one. Another that seemed to paint itself. The title ... a little less inspired, I admit.


Cynthia said...

mmm I am quite happy with this one tooooo!!! Gorgeous!

Mary Rountree Moore said...

This is really beautiful!
Can someone tell me about brushes...brands? I have fallen in love withSilver Brush Bristlon for my oils, but find they begin to fray at the ends. What am I doing?????

Carol Marine said...

Thank you both! Mary, as to your fraying problem, you might try wrapping the ends with paper towel each night after you wash them - I posted about how I do it here: A certain amount of fraying is going to happen - brushes don't last forever, but you should be able to get a few months out of them at least (that's painting with them every day).

LSaeta said...

You might not like the simple title but the painting has a ton of depth! The colors in your apples are stunning!

Charles Pompilius said...

Hello Carol,
I enjoy the freshness and spontaneity of your work very much.