Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Reflecting Together" - SOLD

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My husband said "are they apples or tomatoes?" Actually, they're plums. Argh.

Thank you all for the comments and title suggestions for the Iris painting I posted a few days ago! I got some really great ones. Among my favorites were "Slender Ladies," "Iris, I'd split before breakfast...said the Apple" and "The giraffe in the room." I love them all but settled on "Dutch Blues," suggested by Ginger Pena, since they are Dutch Iris. Thank you!


David said...


I love the way you use bright colors for the grounds of your paintings, it gives them a great contemporary look. So recently I tried painting tomatoes with exactly the same orange ground that you have in this painting. It was a hilarious disaster. I would mix up the orange and nail the color on the pallet, but when I would put it on the canvas the orange looked completely brown next to the saturated ground. So confusing. I had to cover all the orange ground and then, the tomato color looked perfect. So I'm just wondering how do you look past that powerful contrast using these bright grounds?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Plums, apples, tomatoes....whatever. The impact is still there.
I will think of you this weekend with fond memories of Jacksonville!

Terry DeFrates said...

You gave a class here in Sacramento a couple of years ago, and I've been following your blog. As of today I started a blog, would you look at it and give me any advice that could. I do not know what to expect.
Thank you