Monday, October 26, 2009

"Gathering Place" - SOLD

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It rained all day today and was, consequently, dark. I take my photos outside so I didn't get a good photo of this - but I'll get a better one and repost soon (done). I'm back to my comfort food - apples - until I get back in the groove again. It always takes me a few days after I get back from a trip.

I just posted 2 new workshops for 2010. One is in New York in July, and one is in Maine in August.


DSM said...

Nice, Filbertl. I like the way the shadows bounce my eye from left to upper right. And then even darker chocolate shadows- I could eat 'em up...

Boo-hoo your system simply will not recognize my email subscription (I've tried 5 times) but I'm checking in daily on my MAC.

Lisa Pentz said...

Hi Carol.
You are so inspiring to me and I look at your blog almost every day for the past year. Would you be interested in coming to Longmont, Colorado to do a workshop if we can arrange a place to do it? I would be willing to help you organize it and get the word out in this area.
If you are interested in seeing my small still lifes you have inspired, go to my website is

Nora Mackin said...

I like this view of looking down. Wonderful colors to show the white in the cup.

Randy Saffle said...

Carol, I just wanted to drop you a simple note to tell you how much I enjoy receiving your email postings! It helps me keep my mind on painting while I'm at my day job. Would love another video demonstration to hold me over until I can take a workshop. :?)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I was just told about your paintings...I think they are just beautiful little pieces! I have been doing a sketch of a household item everyday like you are painting...I'm going to try painting now. What canvases do you use and what size is your 'painting board'? :) I would like to take a workshop sometime:)