Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Don't Look Back" & "Painted Apples" - SOLD

I forgot to photograph yesterday's painting before it got dark, so I am posting it now along with today's. Apples are my comfort food - not to eat necessarily, but to paint. I paint them when I am feeling rusty because I've painted them a thousand times - they are old friends. Here I was experimenting with backlight.


Aliaena said...

Hi Carol! These apples are beautiful, luscious, and masterful, really wonderful colours here too. I’ve been haunting your blog for several months now. Love your work and am a big fan. I learn so much from your comments and would love to take a course from you some time, but, alas, there is an ocean in the way. I have proclaimed my admiration for your work recently on my (rather fledgling) blog and also thought you might get a chuckle out of the post. Here's the link in case you get a minute and want to take a look... All the best to you from France, Aliaena

Cynthia said...

Love your apples. Sounds like you do to apples what I have done over the years with pears....

Dean Grey said...


I know what you mean about "comfort food".

For me it's pears. Something about painting pears that makes everything right again.

Of the two apple paintings, the first one is the strongest and my favorite IMHO.