Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Two New Trees" - SOLD

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Unfortunately the only thinner I could find here in the small town of Schluchsee was Mineral Spirits, odor and all. Fortunately I am only painting outside, so it tends to just fly away on the wind. It was fairly windy when I painted this, again on top of the hill behind my husband's parent's house. That's the top of the their house you see barely poking through the trees. It is 400 years old. We live on one side, and their 4 horses live on the other.


L.Holm said...

Your landscapes are beautiful. 4 horses! very fun :-)
glad you're getting to paint some of the stunning landscape while your there.


Yes, these last two works are delightful. I never tire of studying your brushstrokes. Thank you for this travelogue...looks already like a grand adventure. jb

Jo Reimer said...

I remember that about Germany when we were there 40 years ago... big old farmhouses with the barn at one end and the home at the other. We were told that the heat put off by the animals helps keep the whole building warm. I never could figure out if the smell carried from one end of the building to another.
Delightful painting, Carol.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

It's many years since I was in Germany but this is just how I remember it.....Great colour :)

Maike Josupeit said...

Hi Carol
Hope you have a great time here in Germany, I enjoy your plein air paintings. Visit your blog every day, your colors and brushwork are great! Greeting from Berlin, Germany

Anonymous said...

dear carol,

i have admired your work for many years. i applied for daily painters a couple of years ago and was not accepted. i do have a blog

your lastest picture is a refreshing plein air. you can truly paint anything! please let me know what you think of my blog.
i'm still trying to understand the rss feed thing. thought ihad installed it only to find out it wasn't.
thanks, debra gershman

susangraeber said... these are already a master of up close still lives...and to see how you approach distance ,well i love seeing you energetic marks .am a landscape painter myself,and am truly inspired by these..keep going! susan graeber

Kami Mendlik said...

The light is GREAT in this piece! I love it!