Saturday, June 06, 2009

"You First"


I'm completely exhausted after my workshop. I am about to collapse. It was SUCH a fun time and I will remember this class fondly. Here are my kids, divided by bozoness - big bozos on the left, lesser bozos on the right, and a perfect bozo in the middle. ; )


Leslie Saeta said...

When I look at this painting and read the title, my first reaction is "ouch"! Glad your workshop went so well. What fun!

Roxanne said...

It was a circus, wasn't it! Non stop thrills and spills. A laugh every minute! Eager preformers, with surprising talent...and a breathtaking act, by the lovely Carole Marine, that left everyone inspired and with a sense of awe!

For those of us who were there, it was the 'greatest show on earth'!

A simple thank you seems in adequate, Carole, but one must try to express gratitude for the dazzling display of genius!

Thanks for gently blowing inspration onto flickering flames!
We won't forget you...we keep you in our heart.


Jane Hunt said...

Sounds like it was a blast - look forward to being one of the bozos one day! Beautiful piece - love the tonalist quality.

Dean Grey said...

Haha.....cute title!

Lovely composition too!


Carolina said...

Hi Carol!
You know, English is a second language for me, so I had to look for that "bozo" word on the dictionary... For the meaning I found, it seems you all must have ended as great friends after the workshop :) You all certainly had a great time!
And about today's painting, I like it very much, the title is, again, something that reflects your great sense of humor.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

hehe....another one of those macabre titles. I love it.
Not all workshop artists are as accessible as you are. That's what made it an extra special time.

MooPig said...

Is this photo snapped right after the Ping Pong ball toss game? Who won?