Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Tomato Babies" - SOLD

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I really really liked the subtlety in value here, and the way the light went right through the tomatoes and lit up the shadows as well. I had a good time with this one.

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Jo Castillo said...

Very slick/shiny. Nice work, love the light in the shadows, too.

Carolina said...

That looks so difficult to achieve (the light in the shadow).

Vicki Shuck said...

beautiful, Carol! they just glow!

Dean Grey said...

In the "Circumstances" painting I suggested doing a similar piece with less negative space and I got it here!

But....comparing the two paintings together, I now kind of the like "Circumstances" better for some reason.

The colors are practically the same but in "Circumstances" the background itself had a lot more depth and liveliness to it.

"Tomato Babies" is still cute though!


Avril Morris said...

What wonderful light. You seem to do it every time.

Honor Woodard said...

I love this one, Carol. It's so fresh and lively!

Amy Stewart said...

Carol, these tomatoes are the best. I've been away from your blog for a couple of weeks as I've been traveling, and I can see I've missed a lot! Gorgeous.