Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Microcosm" - SOLD

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It's good to be home - not so good to see the huge pile of catch-up work waiting for me. : ) I did a large painting today in addition to this small one. I'll photograph it and post it tomorrow. I seem to be having a problem emailing this out...


Christopher O'Handley said...


A friend recently told me about your blog, and I think I've browsed through every post. Your work is terrific - there are so many people doing the "painting-a-day" thing, but you've definitely got a unique style that is very refreshing. It's also been interesting to see how you've improved over the past couple of years. Your work looks more confident and I see more varied and sophisticated compositions.

I wanted to ask if you could post some additional information about your "shadow box". I'm curious about the size, how the plywood base is attached to the pvc frame and how the entire box is mounted on the base/tripod. If you (or your husband, I guess) were to build another one, what changes would you make? I'm thinking about building something similar, so any thoughts you have (or any other close-up pics) would be much appreciated. I know you've said you'd like a lever mechanism to raise/lower the box, but I can't remember if there were any other problems you've encountered.

Keep up the good work!


Jo Castillo said...

Carol, these look yummy and rich. Makes me want to go shopping for asparagus.

LSaeta said...

Welcome home! Love the fact that on your first day back you finish a large painting AND this lovely one. You are amazing my dear!

BarbaraHafner said...

I love your work! So fresh. Strong design, color, values, everything. Thinking about a workshop.
Barbara Hafner