Sunday, February 01, 2009

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I love playing around with variations of one color. I'm not a HUGE pink fan, but I have this really cute little pink vase and thought I'd do a mostly pink - smidge of green painting. The plant came from a bush right outside my studio window in our new house. It's a very common bush and I used to know the name, but it escapes me now. Soon the wildflowers will start popping up again - I am really looking forward to it.


robertsloan2art said...

This one jumps out at me. I love the intensity of the green, heightened by all that warm pink. It's not a candy-pink but a soft sandstone muted pink, something else that makes it so natural with the leaves. I love the vigor of that spray and the way you captured the glossiness of the vase.

I'm studying your paintings to learn more about backgrounds too, how you brought this vase color into the background and made it look right is cool to me.

Robert Sloan

Deb Schmit said...

I'm thinking pink is your color Carol!
Sorry I know thats probably NOT what you were thinking, but honestly, what a little gem!

Also I love your house! And the surrounding woods.
This particular photo I think would make a neat painting, with your little son there in the foreground.
Happy Homecoming!

Marian Fortunati said...

Lovely painting... color... brushwork... the whole 9 yards!!
Could the plant be a camellia??

Karen Hargett said...

Great colors Carol - I love pink and the green sets if off nicely. I think the shrub might be a lugustrum.

krystyna81 said...

this is a wonderful painting...the colors suit you!

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Ligustrum, I think. Very cute vase - great color combo

Jala Pfaff said...

This is marvelous.

k said...

Carol, I love your paintings and learn so much about composition. I've never painted with oils and wondered if some time in the future you could comment on how you use the paint and medium, turp, etc. You've shared about your brushes and thank you for that. Also I love this particular painting with it's colors that are so not New England, where I live. Thanks again.