Thursday, January 22, 2009

"White on White" - SOLD

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Thank you ALL who wrote to me yesterday, in comments or otherwise, about the improvement in the bunnies! It is much appreciated. A few asked what number the second bunny is (since I started these daily paintings), and what the time lapse between them are. The first is #20 and the second is #706, and there is a little over 2 years inbetween. I'm not counting all the wipers.
I thought today I'd do a white on white excercise to counter the black on black from yesterday. White on white is one of the most challenging painting excercises you can do, especially if you're mixing all your colors from white, yellow, red and blue. Plus, you have to leave room for the highlight, so even what you consider the lightest part of the object still has to be toned down a bit so the highlight will be lighter in comparison. I was concentrating so much on those things here that I lost the shape of the pig just a bit. So it doesn't look exactly like it, but hey, you don't have to know that. : )


Susan Carlin said...

This is terrific, Carol. I had to come out of lurking status to wave hello and congratulate you on *omigod* 706 paintings in two years. And that's probably not counting several that WEREN'T wipers. You inspire so many artists, me at the top of the list. As impressive as your quantity is, your consistent and ever-amazing quality is what shines. Congratulations.

Erik said...

Hi Carol, congrats on the 706 paintings, what an amazing achievement! You mentioned in your last post that you only use white, red,yellow and blue. What colors do you use specifically?
(Forgive me if you've mentioned this before). Cheers, Erik

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

The white on white is the perfect compliment to the black on black - someone should buy them together. Your work has really developed, and it is and should be an inspiration to anyone to do the Painting A Day exercise. This is what makes you such a fabulous teacher, Carol, your willingness to share - everything! Thanks so much!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Rockin' Carol. 706!
You have every right to be proud of yourself.

marybullock2 said...

Wonderful job! You are so right, white on white is very hard - but you have inspired me to try it. I'm sure mine won't even come close to your beautiful painting - but I'm going to try.

Linda said...

Love your work! It's very exciting to see the daily paintings & all so beautiful.