Sunday, December 07, 2008

"End of the Line"

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I just spent 2 great days at the Coppini Academy in San Antonio teaching a weekend workshop. It was a lovely space to teach, the weather was perfect, and I was blessed with another great group of students! : ) When I got home I found this apple painting I forgot to post, that I did when I was painting apples last week. I did a demo today but it wasn't great, and I'm BEAT, so I'm hitting the hay early. Below are photos from class. Until tomorrow...


Sarah Young said...

I love this painting!!! My other favorite is "Cherries Besides". The colors just pull at my art heart!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful workshop, Carol. Thank you so much! You are very gracious and generous w/your knowledge, and just a joy to learn from.

These apples are absolutely vibrant - just beautiful!

Nancy Moskovitz said...

Hi Carol
I love most of your paintings, but this one stood out enough to prompt a comment. Love those angles and colors.

William R. Moore said...

"End of the Line"...great composition - The yellow creates harmony, while the apple placement and shape of the cloth and line quality creates a dynamic composition. A subject matter that is often more static.

Bonnie Mann said...

Carol, I love this one and the colors are wonderful!
Thanks for a fantastic workshop!