Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Out of the Dark" - SOLD

Here's purple/orange/green again, though in different proportions than yesterday. I was introduced to the idea of dominant color in Harley Brown's book, "Eternal Truth's for Every Artist" (a fabulous book I mention a lot that is unfortunately no longer in print). The idea is that you have a dominant color (one general color that takes up the most room in the painting) and then less of some other colors. Harley suggests using the compliment of that color and then what he calls discords, but I think the "other" colors can be just about anything. It's something I love to experiment with!


Penny Lentz said...

Hi Carol,
Love the different value spots--or dashes.
I just looked his book up on ebay. $150. Is it worth it?
When are you coming to California????
Happy Holidays

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, Penny! No, it's not worth it for $150. I think I got it for $25 or something like that, years ago. Look at your local library or maybe at Half Price Books. I'm trying to make it out to CA, but all my invitations keep falling through. : )

VanDerHoekArt said...

Oh yes, do try to come to California! My painting buddy and I would love to take a workshop from you if you are ever in So. Cal.