Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Emerging" - SOLD

I am thoroughly frustrated with Google Groups. They have maintained my email list for these last 2 years and now, within the last few weeks, the emails are not going out regularly. I have been doing research tonight, online, for hours but cannot figure out what the problem is, and cannot get any support from Google. Is anyone else have problems with Google Group emails not getting to everyone on your list reliably? I tried one more thing today - please let me know (again, sorry) if you are seeing this on my blog, but didn't get an email when you should have. Thank you thank you!!!

Oh yeah, and as for yesterday's post, I have gotten lots of emails asking WHY I didn't like the first (white) roses painting. First of all, the roses don't quite read as white ... more like brown? or pink? Second, the composition is pretty boring, and a bit awkward. Third, the light, while spectacular in real life, turned out looking a bit flat in this painting. The light was just a little behind the flowers, and really lit up that one flower up top, while just speckling the rest. As hard as I tried, I didn't capture that, and that's what impressed me about the scene in the first place. So there you go, my own critique. : )


Melissa Mead said...

I signed onto your list just recently and I am having no problems getting your mails. It will sort out.

Mark Bridges said...

Robin Cheers seems to have a lot of problems with her emailer also, and her rss isn't sending a feed to me, but I don't know why she's the only one in my reader that isn't working. I don't have the heart to tell her.

I like you persimmons on the move.

Penelope Lentz said...

Got it and it looks good.

amystew said...

Okay, first of all, I love those roses, and second, have you considered trying Feedblitz for your email newsletter? It will let you import email addresses, so if you experiment with it and it works, you might be able to import from google.

Great paintings as always. I was in your July Santa Fe workshop, and I've been painting so much more ever since!

Nancy Moskovitz said...

Hi Carol

Nancy from the Jacksonville workshop here.
re: the roses........Let it percolate. When you look with fresh eyes, you'll see it works great as a painting. Just took on a life of its own is all.

email: Blogger lets you add a gadget now. People can sign up on the blog and have a choice of how they receive blog or otherwise.
I recommend letting those who are having problems, sign up on the gadget.

Announce it and don't worry about importing lists.

John said...

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