Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Cherry Red Red Red"

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After many unexplainable problems with the new email service, Constant Contact, I have decided to switch to I did a test last night with great results - hopefully it will work with the whole list at once. Thank you all for your continued patience on this issue. Please let me know of any problems going forward.

I have 3 lights in my studio that I currently alternate between for lighting my subjects. One is an authentically "white" light that I got from a specialty light bulb store. It is especially good for flowers. I also have a general "daylight" bulb (more yellow than the first) that you can get anywhere. I also have a "daylight" spotlight bulb. Yesterday I used the first bulb. It is a soft light, and not very directional. Today I used the spotlight. It tends to light up fruit like this that is in any way translucent. It makes the shadows crisp, and generally makes a more dramatic scene than either of the other two. I really enjoy experimenting with all 3.


Anita said...

Pretty cherries - wonderful complimentary colours glowing in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Love how these cherries have that 'maraschino' red look while the last painting had that 'bing' burgundy color. (and they may very well be the same models!)

When you vary the light on your subjects, do you also vary the light on your painting surface?